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Designed for the future!

With the advancements in technology accelerating fast, the market can expect several new and revolutionary products to be available in the near future, all these developments are aimed at improving and making workshops more efficient, more profitable, whilst making all the equipment interact and be simpler to operate.

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Trade Approved customers guarantee!

With the concern in the market over some manufacturers and suppliers supplying sub-standard garage equipment with poor or zero technical backup and companies making shoddy installations, calibrations and not complying with the industry approved standards or having any ongoing technical support, Trade Garage Equipment has recently introduced the ‘Trade Approved’ customers guarantee.

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T2120 gives you the balance of power!

The rapidly growing portfolio of trade approved ‘Technique’ garage equipment products, has been enhanced further with the launch of the NEW and powerful trade approved Technique T2120 wheel balancer. An advanced, high performance, durable and heavy duty construction balancer with a premium specification, this model boasts an impressive 3D data input, with automatic entry of offset, width and diameter being achieved via an inner and outer measuring arm.

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Quality at a price you can afford!

Trade Garage Equipment have tied up with Garage Wire to offer readers the Technique T1001, which is built for ‘Trade’ by Rotary lift, at a special trade price of £2395 installed, including a free set of height adapters worth £210 and a 3 year warranty for parts and labour, the offer lasts until the end of November.

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A lift for the Trade!

Trade Garage Equipment is the premier equipment specialist in the UK and main UK Distributor for the world’s leading manufacturer Rotary Lift. Ian Gott from Gott Technical Services in Morpeth, Northumberland, is a key member of the group and a main spokesman for them on lifting products; he introduces a new lift from their advanced ‘Technique’ range, which is ideal for workshops especially those where there is limited space!

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