New workshop for Motorhouse Southampton!

Fellow Trade Garage Equipment member Guaranteed Tools have recently completed an installation on behalf of their customer Motorhouse based in Southampton. Rob Lovesy of Guaranteed Tools talks in detail about the installation.

” 5 years previously we had sold this Customer Motorhouse Southampton a Bradbury ATL 4 post lift and upgraded them to OPTL. Having now paid for the lift, he now wanted to replace the 4 Post Lift with a Ravaglioli Scissor but wanted as little down time as possible.He feared that he faced up to 2 weeks of down time. That was until he came up with an ingenious plan.

With meticulous planning and with help from GTC, he set about doing the ground work whilst the 4 post lift was still in place, this allowed him to continue testing. The new Rav 650 scissor is that much longer, so he hired a steel plate to cover the hole at the drive on end of the lift, this allowed access to the existing lift, so they could continue testing whilst the new concrete was going off.

Once the concrete was ready and on the same day, GTC removed the 4 post lift and then the New Ravaglioli 650 ATL scissor lift was installed. The following day he was MOT testing again. The following weekend the builders returned and shuttered up the sides and carried out the second pour. Once this had gone off, the shuttering was removed and Motorhouse were testing again on Monday. In reality Motorhouse where unable to test for 4 days. By installing a scissor lift, it has opened up the whole workshop and created more room. “

The existing MOT bay.

The new MOT bay incorporating a new scissor lift.

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