A lift for the Trade!

Trade Garage Equipment is the premier equipment specialist in the UK and main UK Distributor for the world’s leading manufacturer Rotary Lift. Ian Gott from Gott Technical Services in Morpeth, Northumberland, is a key member of the group and a main spokesman for them on lifting products; he introduces a new lift from their advanced ‘Technique’ range, which is ideal for workshops especially those where there is limited space!

“A recent addition to our range is the new Technique single post lift, the T1000, it needs minimal space for installation, especially where it is not possible or impractical to install a two post lift. It’s ideal for all forms of garage workshop mechanical servicing, also including fast fits, tyre shops, body shops etc. It is very easy to operate, stands 2.49 meters high, it has a 2.3 meters reach, is only 1.6 meters wide and the lifting height is an impressive 1.95 meters. It comes in 3 phase or single phase and the price includes full installation and staff training”.

The new Technique T1000 Single Post Lift.

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