About Rotary

Rotary Lift’s story of success started in 1924. Inspired by a barber chair rising in the air, company founder Peter Lunati developed the world’s first vehicle lift. The lift could rotate. This design made it possible for vehicles to drive on and off the lift in forward gear. An important argument considering the frequent problem of reversing at that time. The patent for the lift was granted on September 1, 1925 and Rotary Lift – the company – was born.

Over 75 years later, Rotary Lift has grown to become the world leader in vehicle lift productivity. Apart from the headquarters in Madison, Indiana (USA) and the European Control Center in Bräunlingen, Germany, numerous global subsidiaries attend to the desires and requirements of our customers.

With this unique network, Rotary Lift has the opportunity of analysing and recognizing market trends at an early stage and of applying that knowledge to generate global standards. Worldwide product releases of numerous vehicle manufacturers emphasize this approach.

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